06 May 2017

International Cáncer Fórum Marbella - Immucura Med

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Leading cancer specialists give lecture in Marbella Marbella based company present integrative therapy concepts against cancer Wednesday,

Johannes Schumacher, director of Immucura Med, invited physicians and health professionals to the 8th International Cancer Forum Marbella in the Alanda Hotel Marbella on integrative therapy concepts against cancer. The head of a German laboratory, Jörn Steiger, who is a veteran of immunotherapy, made the start and lectured about the promising immune therapy with autologous dendritic cells – also known as cancer vaccine, which has proven its huge potential in various clinical trials against many types of cancer. In his speech he explained the well-attended audience the difference between the types of immunization used today.

Dendritic cells belong to the specified active immunization and are the most effective immunization, initiating the body’s fight against the cancer, by exposing the characteristics of the cancer to the natural killer cells of the body. It is only through that information that natural killer cells will induce the selfdestruction of the cancer cells. Another big advantage is the possibility to combine dendritic cell therapy with common cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy, as many clinical test have shown. On top “The cancer vaccine can be produced in just one week”.

Mr. Steiger further stated what many scientists confirmed in their reports: “Dendritic cells create good results and have no serious side effects”. The physician, pharmacist and director Dr. Mariano Bueno Cortés from the integrative clinic Biosalud in Zaragoza presented his therapy concept against cancer. He began by explaining in detail how important it is to search for the potential origin that might have caused the cancer to grow in the first place, but also to prevent the cancer to come back after the treatment. Beside traditional diagnostic methods he highlighted the huge benefits of the non-invasive thermal imaging, which can demonstrate the physician quite accurately areas of distress in the patient’s body. Dr. Bueno developed a four week treatment program which implements hyperthermia, molecular hyperthermia, dendritic cell therapy, detoxification, nutritional adaptation and if necessary small calculated dosages of chemotherapy to help its patients.

David Lopez Peral, co-owner of the Clinica Biomedic and the Budwig Center in Malaga explained in his lecture how nutrition and mind patterns are key factors that can trigger a tumor and other psychosomatic diseases. He said that these are important aspects within what it’s been called epigenetics, which is the study of the mechanism in which gens are expressed or not, in other words, how they are switched off or on depending certain factors.

The main epigenetic factors are included in our lifestyle and they can be nutrition, our personality or psychological patterns, socio-economic environment, the natural environment etc. In his presentation he showed how these two main components of our lifestyle, diet and psychology are playing an important role in our health, and particularly how they can turn into key epigenetic factors to cause or enhance cancer. “We are not only what we eat but also what we think and feel, because the emotions are also like nourishing ingredients, essential for our balance and wellbeing.”

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