24 August 2023

Inify Laboratories - Successful laboratory launch in Q2 with delivery of first prostate cancer diagnosis


 Inify Laboratories, a unique laboratory service that provides cancer diagnostics within pathology, successfully launched in the second quarter 2023.


We launched our laboratory service in mid-June, completely according to plan. The interest is high, and we already see the first revenue streams,” says CEO Fredrik Palm at Inify Laboratories.


Since the opening, the response time – from the collection of samples until the customers have an electronically structured, easy-to-read report – has been well within the promised time.


The secret behind our short, predictable response times – a major challenge for many laboratories – is that we have had the opportunity to build our laboratory from scratch, with a common goal: to create tomorrow's laboratory, offering world-class cancer diagnostics,” says Laboratory Manager Emelie Edvigsson at Inify Laboratories.


The company has entered into several strategic partnerships, one with the Swedish branch of Loomis. Loomis is a global value transport company responsible for transport of samples from clinics to Inify’s laboratory, as well as storage and distribution of packaging materials.


During the period, we have started collaboration with important partners, with whom we signed agreements earlier in the year. These partnerships strengthen our offer while demonstrating our innovative way of thinking,” says Palm.


Inify’s close dialogue with clinics during the setup phase has been instrumental for starting the revenue flow. Customers were well prepared, and several of them sent samples as soon as the service was launched.


Ever since the launch, we have continuously received biopsies for sample preparation and diagnosis, which serves as initial proof that the Inify business model works,” says Palm.


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