06 November 2017

New study confirms cartilage regrowth through intra-articular injection of fat

 The Regenerative Clinic welcomes peer reviewed publication of new data revealing striking evidence of human tissue regrowth through the new non-surgical method of intra-articular fat injection (Lipogems®). In two studies the efficacy of both cartilage regrowth and pain reduction has been documented.

The first study* was carried out on 17 patients (and 32 knees) with an average age of 69 with osteoarthritis classified as grade 3-4 (arthritis is graded 1 – 4 with 4 representing the most advanced cases with little remaining cartilage and often bone-on-bone symptoms). Following the treatment patients were tested at 3, 6 and 12 months using a number of indicators including MRI scans and measurement of synovial fluid. In almost all cases there was an improvement seen, with more than half, 53.57% of joints recorded seeing an increase in cartilage regrowth of +15% or more.

The images of the following patient recorded an increase of 83% in cartilage after 12 months.

Professor Adrian Wilson of The Regenerative Clinic is a leading global expert in orthopaedic surgery, and the foremost pioneer of Lipogems® in the UK. He says; “This is a significant moment in charting the results of this treatment. I have seen the remarkable potential of this therapy first hand but it is crucial that we are able to quantify its success. These results are extremely encouraging and offer people experiencing pain and trauma in their joints a safe and effective alternative to traditional surgery. There is an explosion of clinical studies in this field and it is very exciting to be at the forefront of this new technology in the UK.”
The treatment induces host chondrocytes to make rejuvenating structural and biochemical changes in the cartilage. It was also noted that it was not just the thickness but rather the quality of the regrown cartilage which was remarkable. Significant pain reduction was also noted across all patients after 3, 6 and 12 months.

A separate study** conducted by Arcangelo Russo at the Sacre Cuore hospital in Calabria, Italy proves the effectiveness of reducing pain. The study is pier reviewed and has just been published in the Journal of Experimental Orthopaedics.

87% of patients recorded a significant reduction in pain after 12 months (based on the VAS pain scale and Tegner Lysholm Knee). In a sample of 30 patients with a median age of 43 there were no major complications recorded. Russo found the treatment to be; “a sustainable, quick, one-step, minimally invasive, and with very low percentage of complications.”

How the treatment works:
·       The adipose pre-cursor stem cells are extracted from the patient’s own fat, prepared using the Lipogems® technology and injected directly into the affected area (for example hip, knee or elbow). These prepared cells trigger a natural healing response within the body where they detect injury and attach themselves to damage. At this point they react and begin to regrow tissue
·       The day case procedure takes around one hour and is much less invasive compared to traditional methods of joint replacement. Patients can return to normal activity after a day or so compared to the months of recovery associated with traditional joint replacement
·       These pre-cursor stem cells have a pro-antibiotic effect that reduces pain and infection. Over 20 000 procedures now been conducted worldwide with no post-procedural infections recorded and a striking early success rate
·       The Lipogems® technology is only available in the UK at London’s Regenerative Clinic. The Regenerative Clinic opened its doors in Summer 2017 as the largest treatment centre in the UK to offer pioneering Lipogems® therapy for healing, pain relief and the rejuvenation of joints to restore mobility

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