08 agosto 2016

Amadeus invests in genetic testing pioneers, Igenomix

 Amadeus Capital Partners, the global technology investor, today announces that it has made a growth capital investment in Igenomix, the world’s leading in-vitro fertilization (IVF) genetic testing company, based in Valencia, Spain.
Igenomix’s main customers are the most reputable providers of fertility treatments across the world. Its genetic services encompass all phases of fertility treatment, through preconception, pre-implantation and pre-natal, providing tests that help parents to increase their chances of having a healthy baby by screening embryos for chromosome and single gene disorders.
Igenomix tested over 30,000 embryos in 2015 in its six laboratories in Valencia, Miami, Los Angeles, New Delhi, São Paulo and Dubai and has a team of over 140 employees of which 21% have PhDs. Amadeus Capital’s investment in the company will back its international expansion, with a special emphasis on the US market. Amadeus’s investment will also support the development of ground-breaking testing services at its leading laboratory in Valencia.
David Jimenez, Chief Executive Officer, Igenomix, commented on Amadeus Capital’s investment: “According to the World Health Organisation, infertility will be the third most serious disease this century. Approximately 1 out of 10 couples of reproductive age are currently infertile. Genetic testing will prove crucial in ensuring that treatments supporting fertility will be successful for families. Amadeus’ support as an investor, with a deep understanding of genetic technologies, will help Igenomix to progress our international development and fund research into new testing services.”
Andrea Traversone, Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners, added: “Amadeus Capital sees Igenomix as a compelling investment opportunity in a fast-growing sector of the healthcare market, based on major advances in genetic technology and improved access to IVF services. Igenomix has an exceptional management team in David Jimenez and Chief Scientific Officer Carlos Simon MD, PhD, recognised as a pioneer in IVF-related genetics, and we look forward to helping them build the business globally.”
In making this investment, Amadeus Capital Partners has joined a syndicate of investors including lead investor Charme Capital Partners, Aleph Capital and Graham Snudden.

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