29 agosto 2016

EFIC Topical Symposium – Acute and Chronic Joint Pain, 21 to 23 September 2016, Dubrovnik

From 21 to 23 September 2016, the European Pain Federation (EFIC) will organize its First Topical Seminar, on the theme of “Acute and Chronic Joint Pain”.

2016 has been declared the  “European Year against Joint Pain” by EFIC. The intention of this awareness campaign is to put a health problem on centre stage, from which more than half the total population over age 50 suffers. “Joint pain is among the most frequent health complaints of all and a leading reason for disability,” says EFIC President Dr Chris Wells. “Joint pain will become an even more urgent problem in future given the prevalence of a sedentary lifestyle, ever more widespread obesity, and the increase in life expectancy. Like chronic pain in general, joint pain causes not only individual suffering but also has an enormous social cost in the form of health care expenses, sick days off work, loss of productivity or occupational disability.”

In this context, the Dubrovnik Symposium is to consider the many recent developments in the understanding and treatment of joint diseases causing pain and the overall management of such pain.

Some of the topical highlights of the EFIC Symposium:

-  Future analgesics for joint pain
-  Circadian pain management in chronic rheumatic inflammatory diseases
-  Recent insights on genetic factors in joint pain
-  Facet joints as a generator of back pain
-  Opioids in the management of acute and chronic joint pain

The EFIC Topical Symposium provides an excellent opportunity for medical and general interest media to report about latest and most relevant developments in this field.

Information on the programme can be found at

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