29 September 2016

Legal Hemp extracts overlooked in campaign to legalise Cannabis

A natural food supplement derived from the hemp plant is one of the world’s most widely studied compounds with several thousand scientific studies carried out in the past decade.
Teams from around the globe have been examining the extract, known as CBD, for its impact on a wide variety of conditions including Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, heart health, inflammation and anxiety.  There is also significant evidence to suggest that CBD can provide pain relief, offering a potential alternative to strong medications such as morphine.
Despite the volume of studies, the public understanding of hemp extracts is very low with many believing the products to be illegal or harmful to the brain.
Leading neurologist Professor Mike Barnes, who earlier this month presented a report on medical marijuana, argues that these extracts are being overlooked when it comes to finding a safe, yet medically credible alternative to Cannabis for public consumption.
Professor Mike Barnes said: “Following our all-party parliamentary group report on medical Cannabis, the debate has been focused around legalisation; something I believe would be a positive step within the medical profession.  However, legalisation on a wider scale for recreational use is not something that I currently support.  The reality is that many of the proven health benefits of Cannabis, based on study data and current patient trials, can be found from CBD, without the mental health risks or psychoactive effects of Cannabis.”
London based CBD Oils UK has been selling these products in the UK for the past 2 years.  They produce and supply high quality CBD within oils, atomiser sprays and body salves.  Thanks to recent advancements in processing technology, the company is introducing the first zero THC products across its entire LoveHemp product range.
The company receives questions from confused members of the public on a daily basis.  Below are the most common myths in circulation.

Top 4 myths surrounding hemp extracts, or CBD

  1. CBD extracts are actually illegal and considered to be drugs in the UK
    The key compound (Cannabidiol) has never been a controlled substance.  It is actually derived from approved strains of specially grown plants with extremely low THC levels.

  1. You can still get ‘high’ from products containing CBD CannabinoidsTHC (delta-9-tethrahydrocannabinol) is the component within Cannabis that is responsible for creating the sense of ‘euphoria’.  Due to the methods used in the processing and extraction of CBD hemp extracts, the levels of THC present are negligible.  The legal limit for approved hemp strains is less than 0.2% THC and so there are no psychoactive effects.

  1. There is no scientific evidence that CBD has a positive impact on common medical conditions
    Millions has been invested in the study of Cannabis extracts and CBD over the past decade.  International efforts to study the effects of CBD are ongoing yet there is already strong evidence to support the treatment of major issues such as epilepsy, inflammation, anxiety and mild to strong pain relief.

  1. Products containing CBD can only be purchased from unregulated ‘head shops’ or hidden websites
    In fact, CBD is a fast growing industry in the UK with an increasing number of reputable High Street vendors alongside established online shops.  Stockists include Baldwins, Holland & Barrett and Planet Organics.

“We’re very keen to debunk some of these common myths, especially in light of the recent debates over the legalisation of medical Cannabis.” said Tom Rowland, co-founder of CBD Oils UK.   “Whilst we would not advocate CBD as an alternative to professional advice, there is a growing weight of scientific evidence to support its use as a supplement.”
Tom added:  “Some people may be concerned because the products are derived from cannabis but CBD does not have psychoactive properties and is entirely safe.  We’re actively supporting further research into CBD and the wide variety of applications it may have.”
Worldwide, the UK ranks second in the number of web searches for CBD products online.  It is estimated that the global CBD industry is already worth around $200million and the UK market is expanding rapidly.  Increased demand for Hemp has led to an additional 42,000 acres of crop-farming across the EU for its non-psychoactive compounds such as CBD, whilst the legal cannabis industry is experiencing worldwide exponential growth.
CBD Oils UK is the first company to offer high strength 40% oil (LoveHemp 4,000mg) which actually contains zero THC.  The new process that allows for the complete removal of THC will soon be rolled out across the entire LoveHemp range.

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