23 September 2016


 Statistics about health problems and the incidence of preventable diseases are all too familiar. Yet we still ignore the advice we’re given and struggle to make healthy lifestyle choices. It’s only when something goes wrong that we give our bodies the time and energy they deserve. Step up Thriva, the proactive health startup whose finger-prick blood tests are empowering people to make better lifestyle choices by making health personal.
With health problems often going undetected until its too late, Thriva is kick-starting a revolution in healthcare by making it easy and affordable for people to gain access to the data that really matters - helping them detect issues early and take action before it’s too late. Its finger-prick blood tests can be done at home and results are delivered to your personal online health dashboard. By providing deep insights into what’s actually going on inside your body, with personalized advice from a qualified GP, Thriva’s finger-prick blood tests are a powerful motivator that you can’t easily ignore.
Following rapid growth and investment from Seedcamp, a leading London venture capital firm, Thriva is now launching Baseline – a test that can uncover a variety of important red flags before they become serious illnesses or diseases. These include high cholesterol levels (linked to cardiovascular disease), Vitamin-D deficiency (linked to fatigue and bone health, cardiovascular disease and cancer), iron deficiency (linked to chronic fatigue and pregnancy complications) and poor liver function (linked to liver disease as well as cardiovascular disease, heart disease and cancer).
While personal fitness trackers and wearables are a popular way of measuring performance, they provide very limited insight into the state of your body or the impact of poor lifestyle choices,” comments Hamish Grierson, co-founder and CEO at Thriva. “Our blood test insights make health issues very personal and very real. If you discover you have high levels of cholesterol or abnormal liver function, you become very connected to what your body is trying to tell you and are far more likely to take corrective action.”
Thriva’s blood-testing kits are quick and easy to use. They contain everything you need for a finger-prick test including lancets, wipes, a small collection tube and a pre-paid mailer. It doesn’t involve any big needles and takes just a few minutes.  The blood tests are carried out by an accredited lab and are available in a matter of days - less time that it takes to get an appointment with a doctor.
The results come with bespoke recommendations from a GP, all of which can be viewed on your personal online health dashboard via the Thriva online dashboard. They’re also very affordable - the LifeTracker test costs £49 for a one-off check or £39 per quarterly test on subscription. So for the same price as a subscription to Spotify, you can now track important body state data, make your health a priority and take back control of your body.
“We know health is hard but by making it personal, convenient and affordable, Thriva is helping people find the motivation to make better, more proactive lifestyle choices,” continues Hamish Grierson.

Quick facts:
·      The top five killers (cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease and stroke) are responsible for over 150,000 deaths a year in England alone – with the Department of Health estimating that two-thirds of them are entirely avoidable.
·      The UK has one of the worst death rates from liver disease in Europe and medical experts have warned early detection is ‘virtually non-existent’. The NHS recently revealed a deficit of £2.45bn and could be facing a £20bn deficit by 2020 according to Incisive Health.
·      NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group recently proposed delaying non-life threatening procedures by a year for those with a body mass index exceeding 30.
·      The global market for “connected healthcare” will expand by a third every year to reach £37bn by 2020, according to PwC, the consultancy, and the U

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