29 December 2016


-Digestive problems, cold & flu and mental health are the most common concerns-

Online health resources and digital doctors services have experienced an influx of visitors as Britons search for solutions to their health worries over the Christmas holidays.

The UK’s leading video consultation service, Push Doctor has experienced a 459% increase in registrations since 23 December, as many local GP surgeries operate shorter opening hours, and the effects of Christmas and the winter cold and flu season take hold.

Research published in the UK Digital Health Report revealed one in four (22%) self diagnose their symptoms rather than wait for a GP appointment.

Digestive problems such as stomach ache, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, and food poisoning were the most commonly consulted health issues over the festive period according to research and trending illness data from the UK’s largest digital doctor service.

Push Doctor have been helping those who are too busy to get to doctors surgeries before the holidays and those who have felt ill since the holidays began in earnest on Friday evening.

Cough, cold and flu was the second most commonly consulted issue with sinusitis and winter colds causing those enjoying the festivities discomfort.

Mental health issues was the third most common topic for appointments, with money worries and loneliness the top concerns and drivers of depression in those surveyed.

Sleep related problems and tonsillitis rounded of the top five most common festive medical upsets.

Dr Adam Simon, chief medical officer at, said: “People travel all over the country at Christmas to see family and friends and are not necessarily close to their local GP surgery, having a service which allows a patient to see a qualified UK GP in six minutes via video link is revolutionary.

“Many symptoms and issues can arise throughout the festive period as people finish work for the year and finally relax, often feeling under the weather. Face-to-face time with a doctor is even more scarce than usual, and patients want peace of mind that their symptoms are not more serious than they seem.

Alcohol related conditions also rose 76% week-on-week as British adults relax and indulge in a tipple.

The highest number of sign ups of the festive period came from the Yorkshire area, with patients finding it more difficult to get appointments and attend them, followed by those in Glasgow.

Those aged 25-34 completed the highest number of video consultations, followed by those aged 35-44.

Eren Ozagir, founder and CEO at Push Doctor commented: “There is significant demand for doctors appointments over Christmas and New Year, both from those feeling under the weather and those who want to check their general health ahead of New Year lifestyle changes. The Push Doctor service offers almost immediate access to a doctor within six minutes and additional patient choice, with informed advice at the touch of a button.”

Appointments are conducted in fully managed, secure digital consultation rooms, using an encrypted, super-grade video platform, to provide the ultimate in privacy and video quality.

The Care Quality Commission-regulated and NHS-commissioned service is available seven days per week, 7:00am – 10:00pm, 365 days of the year, via the website and iOS and Android app stores.

For more information and to sign-up to the Push Doctor service, visit

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