21 December 2016

SCHEER Opinion on additives used in tobacco products (Tobacco Additives II)

Today, the European Commission and its Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER) publish the final Opinion on additives used in tobacco products (Tobacco Additives II). This second Opinion on tobacco additives was requested by the European Commission to assist its work in developing guidelines for assessing individual tobacco additives.
With this Opinion, the SCHEER provides guidelines which include recommendations on the most suitable methodologies and studies that manufacturers and importers of tobacco products should follow. The Opinion also includes a reporting table to be used in studies for the priority list of 15 additives as well as any other additives that may be added to the list in the future.
In line with the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40/EU and following a previous SCENIHR Opinion (Tobacco Additives I), the Commission has established a priority list of 15 additives contained in cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco that require enhanced reporting obligations  that is to be updated on a regular basis.
With the "Tobacco Additives II" Opinion, in addition to providing the aforementioned guidance, the SCHEER has analysed major data gaps for the 15 priority additives, in particular, information on toxicity, addictiveness and the characterising flavour and the identification of tobacco products that burn at elevated temperatures (so-called "pyrolysis products").

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