26 February 2016

How Would You Feel If You Could See the Invisible?

With over half the population of England with high cholesterol, HEART UK- The Cholesterol Charity - has partnered up with Flora ProActiv on a campaign to get cholesterol checked for National Heart Month. High cholesterol is a major risk to heart disease as it contributes to the narrowing of vital arteries which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. There are no obvious signs or symptoms with high cholesterol and HEART UK and Flora ProActiv have teamed up to prompt people to check their cholesterol levels.

For most people, there are simple and effective ways to lower cholesterol which includes changes to diet and lifestyle. Eating healthier, including super cholesterol busting food like plant sterols and getting more active helps lower cholesterol and most people will see an effect in as little as 3 weeks.

The facts you need to know about cholesterol:

•         High cholesterol is invisible, it has no symptoms but is a major risk factor for heart disease
•         One in every two people in England have elevated cholesterol – it is vital to get checked and keep your heart healthy
•         Do you know your number? Ask your GP or local pharmacist and get checked this February

What if you could see inside your arteries?
To bring the effects of cholesterol to life, HEART UK and Flora ProActiv took to the London Underground. By illustrating what is unseen in the body as cholesterol blocks the arteries, commuters had their journeys disrupted on the escalators to make them aware. 


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