27 February 2016


GYM GOERS are putting their health at risk by relying on advice from wannabe health and fitness gurus, according to a new report released today. 

A survey of 1,000 UK adults who exercise regularly, found that despite almost all (95%) of respondents stating they wouldn't take medical advice from anyone other than a qualified medical professional, the research has revealed 88% have acted on advice from someone other than a professional in the past.

1 in 3 cite cost as the reason for not seeking the advice of a personal trainer or nutritionist, according to the research carried out by

Almost all of those surveyed (98%) said they trusted health and fitness professionals – a reassuring fact, in the first instance. However, this is less so considering 60% trust health and fitness magazines, 57% trust fitness blogs and websites, 52% trust YouTube videos and 22% friends and family – none of which are necessarily qualified in anyway to provide this advice.

However, those who are investing in professional advice might be doing so in vain, as 1 in 10 of those surveyed admitted they have not checked if the personal trainer or fitness professional they sought advice from was actually qualified.

And, only 5% of those surveyed could recognise the awarding bodies that accredit fitness and nutrition professionals in the UK.

The findings show in many cases, this lack of awareness is leading to physical harm as 39% of gym goers admit they have injured themselves as a result of acting on unsolicited and ill-informed advice.

Simon Bubb, managing director at, said: “The research has revealed some alarming figures relating to the amount of British Adults who are looking to unreliable sources of fitness and nutrition advice.

“It’s important for those wanting to take care of their body and avoid injury, to look for advice in the right places. The research shows that cost has an implication on where people turn, but when you consider a personal fitness or nutrition plan designed by a professional can cost as little as a night out, it really comes down to priorities for that individual.

“What I also found concerning was the amount of gym users who do not check if their personal trainer or the fitness professional they have hired is qualified to provide advice.”

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Who do we trust?
  1. Health and Fitness Professional – 98%
  2. Professional Athlete – 65%
  3. Health and Fitness Magazine – 60%
  4. Health and Fitness Blogs – 57%
  5. YouTube Videos – 52%
  6. Friends and Family – 22%

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