19 February 2016

Pioneers of first OTC at home male fertility test launch fertility gel

A new fertility gel is now available in more than 750 Boots stores (and online) across the UK and is set to help the 500,000+ couples in the UK, who struggle to conceive naturally within the first twelve months.
FertileCheck, Fertility Gel’ is the second pioneering fertility product to be launched by ContraVac, in the UK. In October 2013 they launched the first OTC Male Fertility Counter product ‘SpermCheck Fertility’, which saw sales peak well above expected UK sales.
FertileCheck contains Hyaluronic Acid which optimises the natural moisture balance of the vagina, as vaginal dryness can hinder conception and is often caused by age, stress and general well-being.
The high content of Hyaluronic Acid also preserves sperm motility and is a physiological component of the male and female natural reproduction system. These characteristics provide perfect conditions for sperm during a woman’s fertile phase which is normally between 5-7 days each month. 
 “The vagina is a very hostile environment for sperm. When a female is inseminated, the presence of the semen triggers an immune reaction, so semen—and particularly the sperm—are treated as pathogens. Male seminal plasma contains all kinds of chemicals that are designed to take this into account. Seminal plasma is alkaline, and a couple seconds after ejaculation the pH of the vagina approaches neutrality, which makes it a friendly environment for sperm. Sperm also contains a lot of immunosuppressant’s that suppress the female’s immune system and counteract this immune reaction to semen.” Dr Gallup, Psychologist2
Clinical Trials
The Sperm Motility Index (SMI) is used to measure the performance of all fertility gels, calculated by dividing the percent of progressively motile sperm in a test solution by that in the control solution.  Any gels with a value less or equal to 0.75 are predictive of poor assisted reproduction outcomes and indicate sperm toxicity.  
FertileCheck outperformed all other fertility gels currently available on the UK high street, with a SMI value of 0.99.  
FertileCheck is 87% more effective than the previous Fertility Gel available in Boots. The previous fertility gel was Replens which had a SMI value of 0.12.
FertiltyCheck was directly tested in a 24-hour sperm survival assay against Zestica which had a SMI value of 0.65.
NB – for full clinical trials please contact accordingly.

Official Quotes
Jim Gardner, International Sales Director for ‘FertileCheck, Fertility Gel’ comments:
“Many couples looking to conceive are unwittingly using lubricants which are counterproductive to sperm viability and motility.  Given that out of 200 million sperm released in ejaculation, only 200 will make it to the egg, it is vital that optimum conditions are created to prolong sperm life and provide every opportunity for fertilization.  
Following the launch of our flagship fertility product SpermCheck, we looked at how we could create an advanced fertility gel. We wanted to ensure that those at the start of their conception journey stood every chance of success.  After much research and the great work of our fertility scientists, it’s great to see FertileCheck now available for the 3.5million couples looking to conceive each year.”
Dr Fiona Richards, an independent GP comments:
“Each year hundreds of thousands of couples suffer infertility issues trying to conceive within the first 12 months.  There are all manner of reasons why fertility complications can occur but as a no 1 starting point, it is crucial the optimum PH levels are created in the vagina.  The launch of FertileCheck, is a much welcomed and needed product for those in the early stages of the conception journey.”
How to Use FertileCheck
The gel should be used as a lubricant especially during the fertile phase when other lubricants should not be applied. The applicator is easy to use and sealed in a protective foil, keeping it hygienically clean at all times. Fertility Gel can be used during the fertile phase on a daily basis due to its very mild and natural formula.
Take the applicator out of its protective cover. 
Shake the contents of the applicator towards the tip. 
Remove the cap with a light twist. 
Insert the tapered tip of the applicator into the vagina; preferably lying down. 
Squeeze out the entire contents of the Gel, remove the applicator and dispose of it. 
The product should be stored in a dry place at 36°-86°F (5°-25°C) and not frozen. Planned intercourse should be started within 15 minutes of applying the Gel. FertileCheck does not contain any hormones.
  • Naturally supports fertility
  • Does not harm sperm
  • Optimizes your natural moisture balance
FertileCheck retails for £12.49.  

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