25 March 2024

Antera. The Panther roars again



The long-awaited return of the Brand that made all fans of alloy wheels dream!

·      The historic brand of light alloy wheels, Antera, whose symbol is a stylized Panther, revives at the behest of the G.M.P. Group through an international ambitious and solid investment plan. Of course with a character 100% MADE IN ITALY.

·      The official presentation of the renewed Italian brand will take place during Milan Design Week, scheduled from 14 to 21 April, by way of a variety of special enactments, which will unfold both onsite and on social media.

G.M.P. Group, an Italian business specialized in designing and producing light alloy wheels directed to the automotive industry at international level, launches the revival plan of the prestigious brand Antera, that it has acquired last year, focusing on the excellence of “Made in Italy” with regard to design, quality, innovation and sustainability.

Antera is long-standing company, yet a groundbreaking one, in the industry of light alloy wheels.

Worldwide famous for its innovative design and its meticulous attention to detail, the Brand is still remembered today for its development of some models among the most famous ones in the industry, as the three-spoke wheel Type 109, which granted Antera prestigious international accolades, such as the coveted title of “Alloy Wheel Design of the Year 1994”.


Founded in 1991 in Milan by Marco Muzzarelli, the brand of the Panther has been one of the leading figures in the automotive sector in the last few decades, globally promoting elite wheels, manufactured with new standards of development and production.

It has been a gradual and steady ascent, that at the end of 2011 was further enriched by a wide range of products with exemplar technical and stylistic features, which perfectly represent the essence and uniqueness of the Italian brand.  


Today, thanks to the support of the skills and resources of G.M.P. Group, the brand Antera is ready to return to its former glory, following up on a legendary history of excellence. Despite its isolation from the world scene of the last years due to the death of its founder, the appreciation of thousands of fans from all

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over the world, who still recognized themselves in the name of the Panther, is still alive and solid. G.M.P. Group’s employment of modern technologies and of an innovative approach to design and engineering are crucial aspects for this revival. This new approach, which is the key to the creation of cutting-edge products, takes shape through the operations of the team that make up the new division HPE-LAB (High Performance Engineering), where ideas lead to authentic masterpieces with the made in Italy charm.


Marco Mancin, the president of G.M.P. Group, declares: "Antera has always been a benchmark in the field of the alloy wheels since the nineties. And today, in order to bring it back at the levels of excellence and prestige that it has held for years, we prepared an important five-year business plan that will give the Brand new luster for sure through the development of innovative and identifying products and a concrete internationalization process”.


G.M.P. Group, headquartered in the province of Bergamo, is an internationally known leading company for the production of alloy wheels in the automotive field. The company extends over an area of more than 27.000 square meters, 16.000 of which dedicated to the manufacturing departments and 500 to the offices, and it currently boasts 150 highly skilled employees.


All is set, therefore, for the rebirth of Antera.

The models of 2024 Antera’s new collection will be officially revealed during Milan Design Week, scheduled from 14 to 21 April, through several onsite and on social media enactments.





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