22 March 2024

The Press Conference “Toscana Sportiva” illustrates Tuscany’s commitment to sport



On Wednesday, 20 March, the Toscana Sportiva event was held, an occasion for the President of the Tuscany region, Eugenio Giani, to address the issue of the investments made in the sports facilities in aid of the sporting activity of the citizens. The event was hosted by the Technical Centre of Coverciano, a temple of sport in Italy, where the President stated that “In Tuscany sport is a circular, sustainable and equitable system, it is a combination of different yet interlaced activities and disciplines, which constitute the Toscana Sportiva system and, thereby, the Region’s strategies”.


During the event, the President of the Region presented the scenario of the subsidies that have been granted for the last three years: “Overall, in the period from 2021 up to 2023, we have already allocated almost 65 million euros aimed at the improvement of the Tuscan sports facilities. Moreover, this year we intend to allocate another 8 million euros of financial contributions”. And more: “Sport, and in particular grassroots sport, and therefore facilities and related structures, are a fundamental element of the region's governance. Equipping cities and towns with gyms, sports fields, and athletic tracks in step with the times is a choice that, we believe, characterizes, and distinguishes the civilization of a community, in this instance of our regional community”. As of today, 195 Tuscan municipalities out of 273 have benefited from these investments in just three years. These important numbers, that allow Tuscany to rank second among the ordinary regions concerning subsidies in the field of sport, confirm its will to operate tangibly with its investments to improve the quality of the sports service offered by the Region.


The press conference has also involved plenty of Tuscan athletes, such as the tennis player Valentina Padula, the swimmer and medalist Lorenzo Zazzeri and Savino del bene Volley’s Brand Ambassador, Veronica Angeloni, whose participation paid tribute to the commitment of the Region to sport. The former football player Francesco Toldo and the tennis player Lorenzo Musetti have also intervened with a video message to thank President Giani and the Region for the work they have been carrying out for the last few years regarding the improvement of the sports facilities to benefit all citizens. Other guests of the event were the paralympic water polo player Federico Fattori, the paralympic cyclist Riccardo Rossi, alongside Rari Nantes’ water polo coach Alexandra Cotti and Rari Nantes Florentia’s water polo coach Laura Perego.


The event was also the occasion to announce the new logo of Toscana Sportiva, which will bring together all the sporting events that the Region will support, and all the places dedicated to the sport recreation at the service of citizens. The new logo, inspired by the symbol of the circle and which is a tribute to the Tuscan artist Michelangelo Buonarroti and to the 5 circles of the Olympics, symbolizes all the provinces of the Region that contribute make the whole territory of Tuscany one of a kind.  





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