08 April 2016

Alström Syndrome International Conference To Stream Live Online In 78 Languages

On May 12-15, Alström Syndrome International (ASI) will host the 8th Alström Syndrome International Family Conference, Scientific Symposium, and Medical Clinic in Plymouth, Massachusetts at the Hotel 1620. The organization’s mission is to provide support, information, and coordination worldwide to families and professionals in order to treat and cure Alström Syndrome. Attendees expected include families and children from 40 states and 15 countries, and the conference simultaneously streams live in multiple languages over the internet.
In addition, the effort will bring together top leaders from the global scientific and medical community to share advances in research, treatment options and information related to Alström Syndrome, an hereditary genetic disorder affecting children and adults around the world regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or race.  The Syndrome manifests itself from birth in various combinations including: blindness, hearing loss, childhood obesity, diabetes, liver disease, kidney failure, and congestive heart failure in children.
The event, sponsored by ASI, Alström Syndrome Canada, Alström Angels, and with an Engagement Award from the Patient-Centered Outcome Research Institute will feature an impressive array of medical, scientific, and educational professionals from the USA and from numerous other countries whose joint efforts impact progress toward a cure.  
Robin Marshall, ASI Executive Director, has reported several exciting developments. This year, for the very first time, the triennial conference will stream live online from the conference center at the Hotel 1620 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, outside of Boston.   Family members, the medical and education communities at large and any other persons interested in this subject are invited and encouraged to view the conference online.  
In addition, all sessions will also be subtitled in real-time in 78 languages using automatic captioning and voice translation software developed by Translate Your World ( and be readable by the deaf-blind using Braille screen readers. EugeneWorks (, official videographers for the entire event, will facilitate this remarkable audio and visual opportunity.
More information on Alstrom Syndrome and details on the meeting can be found at
Live streaming conference dates:  May 12 to 14
Conference location:  Hotel 1620 in Plymouth, Mass.  
Further information:

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