20 December 2019

Ski and hit the beach, all in a single weekend, at this new boutique adventure festival in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

2nd-5th April 2020 - Sierra Nevada, Spain

3 sunrises, 3 sunsets. 2 days skiing. 1 day by the beach.
The first of its kind in Europe. A unique and unrivalled weekend adventure to share with like-minded souls seeking good times.

Outpost welcomes you on an adventure of snow, skiing, feasting, dancing, connecting under the stars, then diving into the Mediterranean Sea. You no longer have to choose between piste and beach because you can experience both sand and snow in one action packed weekend; the first of its kind in Europe. Navigate the seasons with one more hit of winter skiing before diving straight into Spanish springtime at the beach, all served up with incredible feasts, warming tipples, luxury spa indulgences, wildly surprising adventures and epic soundtracks.

Even the most widely travelled and free-spirited adventurers will not have experienced anything quite like Outpost: from 2nd to 5th April 2020 you are invited to spend an unforgettable weekend in a stunning mountain ski resort in Sierra Nevada Spain with views that span from the mountains to the Mediterranean. This game-changing 3-day escape promises to be an exhilarating party adventure that mixes outdoor thrills with high level relaxation and delicious local cuisines; a unique mix of snow, mountains, beach and sea all in one weekend.

Outpost is a magical ski-in, ski-out experience, set on a stunning ski terrace high above the clouds. Collaborating with a perfectly curated group of partners in wellness, culture and soundtracks, expect something special from the moment of arrival. Treats awaiting you include breakfast feasts, a tapas village, healthy high primal and flow experiences, bubbly hot tubs, snow fun, sunset summit climbs, snow circle picnics and conversations, boozy book clubs, trail running, climbing, altitude bonfires, a private beach celebration and guilty pleasure beats. The founders are experts in snow, adventure, festivals and all things involving good times; perfectly placed to deliver you all the ingredients for a perfect weekend.

Ticket prices include a three-day escape that is easily accessible from around Europe (and only requiring one day off work) plus two days skiing, three nights in four-star accommodation, three breakfast feasts, a spa retreat, wellness programme and all Outpost terrace experiences. Capacity is limited, so act fast to become part of this new and exciting family of like-minded fun lovers.

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