08 November 2013

YERVOY®(ipilimumab) Receives Marketing Authorisation for First-Line Treatment of Adult Patients with Advanced Melanoma

 Yervoy, an innovative immuno-oncology therapy that has demonstrated durable long-term survival in some patients,[1],[2] is now approved for use in previously-untreated patients  
    Bristol-Myers Squibb today announced that the European Commission (EC) has approved YERVOY(R) (ipilimumab) for the first-line treatment of adult patients with advanced (unresectable or metastatic) melanoma.[3] When initially approved in Europe in July 2011 for the treatment of adult patients with previously-treated advanced melanoma, ipilimumab represented the first major treatment advance in this disease in more than 30 years, providing the first overall survival benefit ever seen in the treatment of metastatic melanoma in a phase III study.[1]  
    "This first-line approval of ipilimumab is important news for the many people with advanced melanoma across Europe who have not received prior treatment. Despite some advances in the first-line treatment of advanced melanoma, for many patients there remains a high unmet need for improved survival outcomes," commented Ron Cooper, President, Bristol-Myers Squibb Europe. "The granting of this licence extension underscores the belief in the therapeutic potential of treatments like ipilimumab, which is the first approved therapy from our immuno-oncology pipeline. At Bristol-Myers Squibb, we are committed to the research and development of immuno-oncology, a rapidly evolving and innovative treatment modality that harnesses the natural capabilities of a patient's own immune system to fight cancer."  

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