06 August 2019

DarioHealth to Present New Data at AADE Conference That Shows Improvement of Type 2 Diabetes Blood-glucose Levels Using MyDario™ App

 DRIO) ("DarioHealth" or "Dario"), a leading global, digital therapeutics company and member of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTx), today announced its plan to present the results of a new Dario app user study at the upcoming annual conference of the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) in Houston, Texas on August 9-12, 2019.

The study, which began in October 2018 and continued until April 2019, included 162 Dario app users who participated in the Dario Coaching Program that the company offers through its digital MyDario™ app. The digital blood-glucose and blood-pressure monitoring app is available on iPhone or Android phones.

The results of the study demonstrate that DarioHealth's digital therapeutic solution achieves clinically proven results and helps improve the blood-glucose levels and overall health of users managing Type 2 Diabetes. The results of the study also emphasize the importance of personalized coaching interventions in helping users achieve in-range glucose levels. Achieving and maintaining in-range glucose levels is not only a key indicator of the efficacy of the MyDario™ app, but also an effective tool for a user to measure how his or her body reacts to various foods, exercise and other stimuli.

"We are excited to present our new study at the AADE conference because the results show that well-designed digital therapies can have a meaningful and substantial positive impact on the health of digital app users, which is a central goal of ours," said Olivier Jarry, DarioHealth President and Chief Operating Officer. "Our clinical results show how digital therapeutic interventions can be an indispensable tool for individual users, employers, healthcare providers, insurance companies and clinics to create user engagement and improve the health outcomes of individuals with chronic illness."

To learn more about our study results and DarioHealth's digital therapeutic solutions, please visit us at the AADE conference Booth #1236. The final results of the study will also be published via press release in conjunction with the event

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