21 February 2022

Needle-free skin patch aims to ‘turn the tide’ on Type 2 diabetes


 The prevalence of Type 2 diabetes has doubled in the past 20 years and the latest available data suggests over 3.6million people are living with the condition in the UK today. A further 12.3 million people are currently considered at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

MySugarWatch® is a brand-new needle-free continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) solution designed specifically to empower people with or at risk of Type 2 diabetes, enabling them to manage their blood glucose more effectively than ever before.

Patient education, engagement and empowerment are core to the successful management of Type 2 diabetes. The cornerstone of this management is glycaemic (blood sugar) control, with individualised target levels for blood glucose agreed between a patient and their health care professional. Historically, the only method for measuring these levels in real-time was by regular self-monitoring using skin-prick test strips. These can be uncomfortable and patients are often reluctant to test regularly as a result, especially in public.

Unlike these tests, which reactively show results at a few specific times of the day, MySugarWatch® updates readings every five minutes, blue-toothed to your phone, providing up to 168 blood glucose readings over a 14-hour day and recording the data on a dedicated app. This ensures someone living with Type 2 diabetes can proactively track all of their highs, identify trends and accurately monitor their Time-in-Range (TIR) from their phone.

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) measures interstitial (tissue fluid) glucose levels rather than blood glucose concentrations, providing information on current rising or falling trends. Optimal management is based on establishing the percentage of readings and time per day that a patient spends within their Time-in-Range (TIR), then making lifestyle changes to improve this.

The use of CGM has been limited until now by the burden of use for the patient, including needle-insertion, regular calibration, reinsertions of sensors and the need to carry a receiving device. MySugarWatch® overcomes these barriers and is uniquely needle-free. Daily sensors and a transmitter sit on (not under) the wearer's skin, monitoring blood sugar levels in real-time without repeated scanning. 

Armed with this revolutionary user-friendly insight of continuous data, the impact of different lifestyle choices can be reviewed in greater detail by patients and health care professionals, meaning strategic adjustments can be made to better manage, prevent or in some cases even reverse the onset of Type 2 diabetes.

MySugarWatch® is a CE mark approved, Class IIb medical device and is set to be launched in the UK in Spring 2022. 

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