04 April 2022

Getinge launches new leg holder system compatible with a wide range of patient weight



Today Getinge launches a single leg holder system for OR tables. Compatible with two variants of knee crutches, it minimizes investments, saves time between surgeries and brings comfort to a wide range of patients.

Proper leg and foot positioning is essential for patient comfort and effective surgical site access in gynecology, obstetrics, urology, and proctology.

“Surgical staff won’t need to spend time switching leg holder between surgeries since our single system comes with two variants of knee crutches supporting up to 160 or 250 kg to fit a wide range of patients,” says Norman Gander, Product Manager at Getinge.

The knee crutches can be changed easy and quickly thanks to a click-interface in the locking system.

“A blade interface makes it possible to place the leg closer to the rotation point of the hip. This reduces strain on patients who have a limited range of motion in the hip joint. Side wings are included with the knee crutches to improve stability of the leg and prevent it from going outward.”

The leg holder adjustment angles varies from 85° upwards to 50° downwards, with abduction possibilities range from 10° to 23°.

“We are excited to launch this solution that will save time and investments for our customers, and bring comfort to a wide range of patients.”

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