05 July 2022

ProteoNic announces licensing of its premium 2G UNic™ Technology Platform for Production of Biologics to FyoniBio




ProteoNic BV, a leading provider of premium vector technology and services for efficient production of biologics, and FyoniBio GmbH, a contract development organization for biopharmaceuticals, today announced they have entered into a technology licensing agreement. Under the agreement, FyoniBio gains worldwide, non-exclusive commercial rights for application of ProteoNic technology in its proprietary CHOnamite® platform. As a result, FyoniBio’s clients will profit from extended options for cell line development and significantly reduced cost of goods for their products. Financial terms of the agreement include milestone payments to ProteoNic on a per product basis.

ProteoNic’s premium protein expression technology 2G UNic™ improves production levels across a range of mammalian cell types, selection systems and product classes. This is achieved by the combined effect of novel genetic elements which together boost recombinant protein production on various levels. The technology increases production levels of complex proteins which are difficult to produce, including bi-specifics and fusion proteins as well as levels of products already in the multiple g/L range. Additionally, 2G UNic™ can be used to boost the performance of other expression enhancing technologies. 

Frank Pieper, CEO of ProteoNic commented: “We are pleased that we can contribute to achieving the best results for FyoniBio and its customers. In this arrangement, FyoniBio will play an active role in the distribution of our premium technology to product developers.”

Lars Stöckl, Managing Director of FyoniBio added: “We believe in providing the most efficient processes and best solutions to our customers. By offering ProteoNic’s 2G UNic™ technology in combination with our own highly efficient cell line platforms, our clients have multiple options to achieve the best possible outcome”.

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