14 September 2022

National Eczema Week: 5 natural remedies to relieve itchy skin this autumn

This week marks National Eczema week (12-18th September), and as we navigate the change of the seasons, many adults and children will start to feel the wrath of itchy skin caused by eczema and other skin conditions that can arise from a lack of moisture.

To equip you with a list of ultimate top tips to keep your keen itch-free and full of moisture,  wellness experts at Eden’s Gate ( have examined 5 of the best natural remedies which you can implement into your routine to relieve itchy skin, from coconut oil to honey!


Firstly, it's recommended to apply a cool, wet compress covering the itchy area with bandages and dressings as this will help protect the skin and stop you from scratching. Similarly, taking a cool bath can provide instant relief and will give the skin the essential moisture it needs. When a person has a skin condition, such as eczema, their skin needs extra moisture because the outer layer is lacking in this area. However, it's important to ensure the water you’re using isn’t too hot or cold and to not use a fragrance soap as that could worsen eczema.

It's also important to apply any prescribed medication or apply moisturiser to the skin afterwards, avoiding any lotions with fragrances or other irritating ingredients.

Coconut Oil

Additionally, coconut oil can also be a great oil to apply to the skin which can fight the bacteria that can cause skin infections and relieve pain. According to the National Eczema Association, the antibacterial abilities of coconut oil can reduce staph bacteria on the skin, which helps prevent infection. This is important for people with eczema because patches of inflamed skin may crack allowing bacteria to enter. When applying it to your skin, choose virgin or cold-pressed coconut oil that’s processed without chemicals.


Honey is another natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent that when applied to the skin can help with the symptoms of eczema and itchiness. Honey could help prevent infections while moisturising the skin and speeding up healing.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is also beneficial for treating and soothing eczema since its antibacterial and antimicrobial effects can prevent skin infections, which are more likely to occur when a person has dry, cracked skin. Aloe vera gel’s wound-healing properties may soothe broken skin and promote healing.

Loose Clothing

Finally, it’s best to avoid wearing clothes that can irritate the skin including tight-fitting, rough, or scratchy clothing. The most suitable clothing types would be linen, cotton, and silk as they are soft, loose and breathable on the skin.


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