22 September 2022

Bittium Showcases Home Sleep Apnea Testing Solutions at Sleep Europe


Bittium’s advanced Home Sleep Apnea Testing Solution Bittium Respiro™ will be on display at Sleep Europe. The event is an international congress on sleep medicine and research to be held in Athens, Greece, on 27-30 September 2022.

According to research, there are more than 936 million people in the world with sleep apnea [1]. Sleep apnea is an underdiagnosed disease, causing the number of patients to increase constantly [2]. Untreated sleep apnea can reduce the ability to work and worsen the quality of life. Sleep apnea is a serious illness and if left untreated, it is associated with an array of adverse health consequences, including cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, diabetes, cognitive impairment, and depression.

Bittium Respiro™ is an end-to-end solution consisting of a measuring device, analysis software, tailored accessories, and a service platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to speed up analysis work. The solution focuses on Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT) and aims to record PG (polygraphy) level data and analyze typical sleep-related breathing disorders. Registration of sleep-disordered breathing at home is a cost-effective, quick, and easy way for a patient to find out if the patient suffers from sleep-disordered breathing and, if necessary, to get access to treatment quickly.

Bittium Respiro™ pre-analyzes the measurement data obtained from the home registration and converts it into a more visual and informative format. This makes it easier and quicker for healthcare personnel to perform further analysis and diagnosis. Bittium Respiro™ supports different sensor configurations and service models (online/offline), making it adaptable to varying measurement needs and business models. It is suitable, for example, for clinics performing quick analyses, where the costs per measurement are an essential factor. It also enables extensive measurements that provide sleep researchers with more biosignals for more demanding analysis.

All Bittium’s medical products can be integrated with the cloud-based back-end systems enabling seamless workflow and analysis of data regardless of location. These innovations not only equip clinicians with smarter diagnostics tools but also offer healthcare providers more efficient, time- and resource-saving solutions that are well suited for remote, preventative, and home-based care. The importance of remote care and remote monitoring has grown with the resource challenges and cost pressures of medical care. Bittium’s remote monitoring and remote diagnostics solutions can provide solutions for these challenges and allow access to treatment for more patients.

Bittium’s Medical Technologies team will be at stand A08 at the event.

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