22 July 2019

Lithuania, among World’s Leading Destinations for Orthopedics, Is Being Discovered by Brits

 Lithuania, a country in Northern Europe, is known to be 2nd in the world for the lowest number of complications after orthopedic surgeries. It’s Joint Commission International accredited hospitals experience an increasing number of medical tourists coming for orthopedic procedures. The destination lures foreigners with affordable prices and high quality of medical services.

"Recently, we received an exceptionally high number of inquiries from British patients, contacting us to help them find the best doctors for their orthopedic surgeries. In Lithuania, they find private treatment of highest standards, which costs significantly less compared to what they would get at home," says Reda Ambrozaite, Communications Manager at Health Tourism Lithuania.

Lipogems, a groundbreaking treatment that helps regenerate body tissues, is one of the most popular procedures amongst Brits. It costs around £5,000 in their country, while in Lithuania the price is 1,800. The surgical process is comprised of three steps: taking fat cells from the patient’s body, separating them from infected ones, and injecting the purified cells into the treated area. The first step, extraction of cells from the patient’s tissue, eliminates the risk of rejection. LL37 protein cells, a natural antibiotic, minimizes the risk of the inflammatory response. Lipogems is used to treat many conditions - from stiffness in a shoulder to joints affected by osteoarthritis.

Medical tourists from the UK also come to Lithuania for more complex orthopedic surgeries such as hip or knee joint replacement, rotator tendon ruptures, meniscus, and ligament surgeries, to name a few. All of them are performed in local private clinics, which operate according to the highest standards of Western medical practices. They offer wards equipped exclusively for orthopedic patients, and use the latest prosthesis of the world’s well-known manufacturers, such as BIOMET, ZIMMER, Johnson&Johnson.

Data shows that Lithuania is the fastest growing medical tourism destination in Northern Europe. It is estimated to have an inflow of about 292,000 medical tourists in 2022, with an annual growth of 15 percent.


Health Tourism Lithuania is a medical travel agency that works with top clinics in the country
and provides full range of services - such as trip planning, matching patients with doctors and
clinics, concierge services, airport pickup, hotel bookings and overall care.

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